Over the weekend, a leaked memo from the four star Air Force General in command of the Air Mobility Command caused quite a stir. Here is the memo. The memo has elicited a good deal of comment in the echo chambers of social media, and so this addition to that din will likely not…
It Is Time To Favor Effectiveness Over Efficiency
Every now and then, big ideas for important essays are not to be found. Not that there aren’t incredibly important things happening all around us—war…
In the summer of 1948, a young man left his family farm in Vermont to begin a new life at the Naval Academy. Seventy-four plus years later, that life…
The Cartoon of Kevin McCarthy
One often hears or reads of an everyday American who is frustrated with the antics, words, or performance of a politician (or politicians in general…
It is Monday, 26 December, Boxing Day in the Commonwealth, and the day after Christmas to good ‘Muricans. Yesterday was all it is supposed to be; a…
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