"First prize, brand new Cadillac. Second prize, set of steak knives. Third prize, you're fired."

I agree, Bryan, I don't think I will ever get bored. With reading, writing, walking, doing, seeing, wondering.

Beautiful essay, as always.

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Don't know if you have access to the Atlantic but you might find this interesting.


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I usually don’t comment, but I’m in my 20s and the “kids aren’t as tough these days” thesis has always made sense to me - even back in high school. Since I could write ~100,000 words on this, I’ll try to keep my comment (relatively) brief, but it was a pet peeve of mine that back in college (at the beginning of the phase Haidt and Lukianoff describe in Coddling of the American Mind) my peers used to say, “I just can’t deal” all the time. Usually about things to which I thought the proper response was, “Yes, you actually can deal with it!” And even ten years ago there was already some social status to be gained by telling other people you had some sort of mental health problem (usually depression or anxiety), like it made you different and cool.

Relatedly, I find that many people my age (and especially younger) struggle with boredom and can’t find ways to occupy their time. From very early childhood (probably thanks to my parents), I’ve been the opposite: I can always find something useful to occupy my time and find I have more that I want to accomplish than I have time to do (which perhaps makes me less interested in video games/tv/social media).

That game on Saturday was terrible. As usual, I’ll root for UVA to go all the way in March Madness but I’m not optimistic.

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As a retiree I do find some boredom occasionally, then I just think back to commuting into an office. Reminds me of an old quote: " I think about exercising once in a while, then lie down for a nap until the thought goes away."

Another aspect of upcoming generations ( Z and Millennial) is cancelling people from your life. I've been the recipient of that treatment.

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The 10am rule, wow.

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