Great writing, good style… but badly needing an editor (just kidding!).

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Came here on Ward's recommendation.

A good read.

1/6 scarred the hell out of me.

I we got real close to coup and it could have succeeded if the military had joined. Thanks god our troops at the top have their wits about them. History shows the military makes a shitshow of governing. Let the civilians be in charge of the shitshow and be ready to help the survivors.

BTW I am the same age as your mom.

Worked on military vehilces, M113 and others. Strange to see them in Ukraine

Was part of a team investigating battle damaged M113's in Vietnam - 1967

Been to the memorial.

I wish we could say Never Again!!

Worked on. ICBMs starting in 1955.

Retired from NASA Ames Research Center

I hope I live long enough to see our current shitshow resolved for the good.

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Good point. At least he didn't claim he was Indian. Right?

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Agree with your thoughts on the first part of this essay, but commenting to make you feel not-at-all-alone on the car front. Particularly on the battery management angle... my ensign-mobile (OK, I got it in 89, so it's actually a jg-mobile) is parked in the garage or driveway at all times and constantly needs that management, as does the rest of my "fleet" . Happy new year!

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Well, can't do anything about the New York voters ... but here's to a hopefully better 2023. I don't know if we deserve it...but I'd sure like it.

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Exactly. We get the politicians we deserve, not the politicians we need. When people say that we deserve better leaders, they should be saying that we need better leaders.

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Much thought given to how fellow legislators should treat districts which vote in undeserving Representatives...regardless of political affiliation. Only answer I return to is to zero-out specific funding for those locales. It's an ugly blunt knife, but disciplining the electorate is a slow-roasting answer.

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